IstintoBrass - Wave Cinema
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Title IstintoBrass
Release 2014
Direction Massimiliano Zanin
Production Think’o Film / Wave Cinema
Teatrichal distribution Mial Vision / Uci Cinemas
Tv distribution Sky Cielo
Direction of Photography Luca Giberti / Timoty Aliprandi
Edition Alessandro Calevro
Music Antonello Aprea / Barbara Eramo

Worldwide previewed at the 70th Venice Film Festival («Venezia Classic»), the film tells the story of the artist Tinto Brass through the analysis of film critics and the tales of those who know the private and professional life of the Venetian director since his formation years in Paris at the Cinémathèque Française until his first great successes with the national and international public after which he became “the king of the Italian erotic cinema”.
Lots of well-known names appear in the artistic cast such as the Oscar winning Helen Mirren and Ken Adam, great actors and Italian film critics like Gigi Proietti, Franco Nero, Adriana Asti, Marco Müller, Marco Giusti, Olivier Père, Gianni Canova and other important personalities.

Selections & Awards

70° Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica, 2013 – Venezia – Sez. Venezia Classic
Rotterdam International Film Festival, 2014 – Sez. Signals: Regained
Nastri d’Argento, 2014 – Cinquina Finalista
Split International Film Festival, 2014 – Sez. Reflections
Warsaw International Film Festival, 2014 – Sez. Discoveries
Hollywood Independent Film Festival, 2014
Sitges – Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantastic de Catalunya, 2014 – Barcellona (SPAIN)
Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival
NIFF – Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival (“Histoire(s) du genre”) Neuchâtel, 2015 – SWITZERLAND


Director: Rossella Inglese
Genre: Short Film | Fiction | Drama
Time: 6′ 29”
Country & Year of Production: Italy, 2017
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English
Cast: Beatrice Martinucci | Andrea Lopez
Production: Wave Cinema | Think’o Film
Support: Sae Institute Milano
Producers: Massimiliano Zanin | Federico Lami

Screenplay: Rossella Inglese
Cinematography: Andrea Benjamin Manenti
Editing: Rossella Inglese
Music: Stefano Maggio
Production Designer: Andrea Benjamin Manenti
Costume Designer: Rossella Inglese | Andrea Benjamin Manenti
Sound: Carlotta De Ninni | Riccardo Paldi
Sound Editing & Mix: Simone Pozzobon | Salvatore Forgione

Tinto Brass
Helen Mirren
Franco Nero
Gigi Proietti
Franco Branciaroli
Serena Grandi
Olivier Père
Adriana Asti
Caterina Varzi

Manlio Gomarasca
Jean‐François Rauger
Bonifacio Brass

Gianni Canova
Marco Giusti
Yuliya Mayarchuk
Marco Müller
Sir Ken Adam

70Th Venice International Film Festival (“Venice Classics”) Venice – ITALY, 2013
International Film Festival Rotterdam (“Signals: Regained”) Rotterdam – NETHERLANDS, 2014
Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (“Retrospectives”) Bucheon – SOUTH KOREA, 2014
Split Film Festival (“Reflections”) Split – CROATIA, 2014
Warsaw Film Festival (“Discoveries”) Warsaw – POLAND, 2014
SITGES Film Festival_Festival International de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya (“Brigadoon section”) Barcelona – SPAIN, 2014
HRIFF_Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival (“Tinto Brass Retrospective”) Los Angeles – CALIFORNIA, 2015
NIFF – Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival (“Histoire(s) du genre”) Neuchâtel – SWITZERLAND, 2015
Nastri d’argento 2014 ­‐ Nominated as “Best documentary on Cinema”.

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